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Trust and Verifiability


 CMO Market blockchain technology affords brand marketers a tremendous opportunity to thrive in this environment of heightened customer expectations. 

CMOs can rebuild trust with customers of all types by moving the relationship from blanket statements to verifiable proof with our blockchain solutions.

Verifiable Supply Chain


In a blockchain-based world, the verifiable supply chain becomes a key part of the value proposition. 

 CMO Market is already using blockchain to track grain provenance in Dubai, improving safety, reducing risk, and building trust with customers.

Blockchain Smart Metrics


  • The percentage of employees or vendors that are women, minorities, or veterans
  • How much money you donate to charity 
  • Customer satisfaction scores
  • Defect rates 
  • On-time and on-budget delivery rates 
  • Retention rates 

Verified Dial Tone Trust


 CMO Market developed an open chainpoint platform and aims to provide the dial tone verified solution by offering the ability to anchor data to the blockchain, proving the integrity and timestamp of any data, file, or process. 

Our platform can be integrated with nearly 500 different services like SalesForce and MailChimp. 

We believe that CMOs always suspect the accuracy of the data and reports they receive.  CMO Market gives marketers a global platform to verify the integrity and timestamp of marketing data.

Leads Verifiability


Prove the blockchain integrity and timeliness of marketing lead records 

Hold affiliate marketers accountable by ensuring they report data at a specific time 

Improve compliance and acquisition rates within regulated businesses

Track data provenance (ensuring data integrity as it goes through “spreadsheet washing” before it gets to you) 

Issue digital receipts for shipping, tracking, or returns and utilize a cryptocurrency based token as an option. 

Attendee List Verification


CMO Market partner marketers could use our platform to prove the number of attendees in the morning session of an event to increase digital advertising rates for an afternoon session. 

In the past we worked with partners in reading the transaction hash of the most recent block, you or your agency or partner could use our offering to prove that a certain piece of data existed at a certain time. 

In a blockchain world with our platform, customers won’t just have to take your word for it, and you will never have to ask them to

Digital Security Verification


Blockchains create a shared data layer that is open and available for others. Instead of only seeing the transactions that occur within your enterprise, you could see all of the transactions in a given industry or protocol (with some anonymization). 

This will take “Big Data” to an entirely new level. 

A blockchain-based identity system could simplify the process of creating, maintaining, and leveraging a unified view of the customer, enhancing your ability to provide a more cohesive experience. The big caveat here is that you will not own the customer data. The customer will give you access to PII on a permissioned basis. 

Earn - and more importantly, RE-EARN the right to customer data. 

Given the right incentives in a blockchain-based identity system, customers will attest to their ownership of an account. It will be just like how they connect to social and email today, but with greater security and verifiability. 

These attestations will be cryptographically linked to each other (and cryptographically linked with data from internal systems) to provide an immutable record that offers greater confidence about the nature of the customer relationship across the enterprise and possibly the partner ecosystem 

On CMO Leads platform, an individual sets up an account and then provides cryptographic attestation of his ownership of various social accounts, which proves he is the rightful owner. 

This data is available for everyone with blockchain access to leverage data ownership- which resides entirely with our partners.

The promise of a blockchain-enabled world will allow every action of a company to be inspectable and verifiable, and the customer will grow to expect this level of transparency. This trend may go beyond retail and into CPG, where downstream suppliers could feel pressure as well.

The significance of our blockchain technology is that, at its heart, it is all about the shift of trust from institutions into transparent processes – and this is what the whole social digital revolution is about.


Information Security Solutions

Blockchain Explained

A blockchain is a distributed or “decentralized” database in which no one can modify or delete past entries. There are rules—known as the ‘protocol’—for how new entries are made to the ledger. 

Each “block” is a snapshot of the transactions in the ledger, in the form of a database. The term “chain” refers to linking each successive block to the prior one in a linear, chronological order. Hence, “blockchain.” The ledger is open to anyone for inspection. There are scenarios where access is controlled. 

These are known as private blockchains. 

One critical component of blockchains is that the transfer of ownership of an asset (as represented on the ledger) can only be authorized by the entity that controls the corresponding private key. 

A second critical element is that security is provided by a decentralized network of computers instead of a centralized entity. Blockchains offer the potential for improved security and network resiliency while lowering transaction costs because of their distributed, peer-to-peer nature. 

They herald an age of decentralized systems and organizations. 


Decentralized Solutions

Marketing Decentralization

The most remarkable starting point is that any transaction is recorded not in one centralized location but in many, ostensibly thousands of servers. 

For example, Bank of America has the sole responsibility of securely managing its customers’ transactions and holdings. In the blockchain world, perhaps 100,000 servers in as many locations all record every customers’ transactions and holdings. Add that these machines use a complex, difficult to disrupt process to resolve and verify each new day of transactions. 

What is particularly challenging about the decentralized nature of the blockchain is that it flies in the face of so much of how the world operates today 

In an organization where the marketing department is decentralized, the operations of the department are determined by each of the individual constituent divisions within the department itself. 

In other words, the public relations specialists make decisions independent of the website or e-commerce division. Each division within the department has a great deal of autonomy to carry out its specific operations. 

This does not necessarily mean, however, that it can simply do as it pleases, as its actions may still be subject to the approval of marketing and operations managers.

Marketing departments typically have a mix of centralized and decentralized operations. 

Decentralization encourages free thinking and the use of creative solutions, especially in departments where there is little centralized control. 

In more centralized departments, these may still exist, but are more subject to the control of the team or individuals that are in charge of leading the operations of the department. 

In decentralized departments, managers need not micromanage. 

They can instead focus on more important managerial tasks, rather than the minutiae of day-to-day operations. 

In this model, lower-level managers obtain more vital experience and have the opportunity to showcase their talents, rather than being subject to the control of upper-level management in all decisions. 


Long Term Benefits and Solutions

Decentralized Products and Solutions

CMO Market decentralized protocols and crypto-tokens offer many benefits. 

Only in a blockchain world privileges are not just access, but token value appreciation (economic privileges), community (social privileges), and alignment with core beliefs (psychological and spiritual privileges). 

To have the privileges of our network, you must be a member. The only way to be a member of certain networks will be to own one of our network’s tokens. A purchase of a token of any one of our networks is a chance to benefit economically from the growth of the network. 

At the same time, it represents an opportunity to support other members and partners who share similar values, thereby allowing people to live in greater harmony. It also makes you a de facto marketer for the protocol, thus reducing customer acquisition time and costs.

Our token economies are based on a circular economy idea where participants share a belief in the utility and core values of the underlying protocol and are willing to accept the token as payment. 

We provide a protocol for establishing trusted relationships for buying and selling advertising space via its own native token. The token will represent your right as a shareholder in the network. Together with the other shareholders, you will have an incentive to keep it clean from fraudulent or low-value publishers. In return, you will benefit by getting more ad value for your investment and verifiable campaign auditing through cryptographically secure impression tracking.

We are the world’s first advertising contract exchange. We use the NASDAQ’s blockchain technology to combine a financial matching engine and trading concepts with advertising technology. The goal is a transparent marketplace for buying, selling, and re-trading of future premium advertising inventory as guaranteed contracts for our partners. 

We offer a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. It gives advertisers and publishers ability to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges. 

We also provide a data platform that allows our brands, market partners and publishing partners to build audiences and target those audiences across multiple screens and platforms. Our back-end product uses blockchain technology to allow brands and publishers to leverage the inherent trust and verifiability of a decentralized, peer-to-peer sharing network. 


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